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Creating and scheduling macros is very easy and done via an easy-to-use Macro Editor. (The Macro Editor also has a built in Command Wizard to help get an overview of all the macro commands available to you and to ensure you use correct syntax when creating or editing your macros.)  Macro Mania also sports a built-in scheduler which enables you to schedule macros to run unattended.

Macro Mania Main Screen


Macro Mania's main window can be shown in either List Mode or Button Mode. In Button Mode, you just click on the button to launch a macro. You can select your own icons (nearly 200 icons come preinstalled — and you can easily add your own), you can resize and reshape the Window, choose from 4 different button sizes, change the spacing between the buttons, toggle the window to float on top of other windows, and all these settings are remembered the next time it runs.

Macro Mania Screen Shot of the Main Screen

The List Mode is convenient for anyone wishing to see a list of all the macros quickly. You can easily toggle between either mode by pressing Ctrl+M. Macro Mania will remember which mode you were in before exiting the program and will position and size the window according to how you left it before exiting.

Macro Mania Screen Shot in List Mode

In either viewing mode, you can automatically launch a particular macro from the command line by passing the number corresponding to the macro number via a parameter. If you like hotkeys, Macro Mania uses those too! You just assign the hotkey for a macro and then you can select the hotkey (from any program if you set up the hotkey for that) to run the macro.


Macro Mania's Help System is concise, organized, and easy to follow. To make the initial screen as brief as possible, the macro commands that have "subcommands" are presented on a 2nd screen. Any time a command has "..." following it, you know that it has subcommands beneath it. For example, the "File..." command has the subcommands "Copy", "Delete", "MkDir", "Rename", "RmDir", and "WriteFile" — which are then shown if you click on the "File..." item in the Help System.

Screen Shot of Macro Mania Help System


As shown below in the "PlayWav" screen shot, each command in the Help System usually has 4 or 5 sections. The first section is the DESCRIPTION which will describe what the command does. The next section is the SYNTAX for using the command and it will be followed by some EXAMPLES. If needed, additional NOTES and reference to related information in other areas of the Help System (a.k.a. SEE ALSO) is provided.

Screen Shot of Example of Macro Mania

The program also installs with nearly 200 professional icons that you can associate with macro buttons. Here is a small sample:

Icons that Install with Macro Mania

Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Me, and 9x.



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