Poker ManiaTM Donation

NOTE: The free version of Poker Mania, while it has no functional limitations, does have a periodic "advertisement" about a donation and/or request to evaluate or very popular Poker Challenge program. However, a donation/payment for Poker Mania, at any level, will entitle you to be given a special download for a version of the program that does not have those advertisements. The download link will be sent to you immediately after your payment is received.

Donation Level Description Donate
$5 - Standard This donation level is a great way to show your support for the program and will be very welcomed. DONATE
$10 - Silver You're especially serious about showing your appreciation for all the work that has gone into the game. DONATE
$15 - Gold As someone really honest with themself, you know the game is worth at least $15.00 for all the hours of fun and entertainment you get. DONATE
$25 - Platinum You've been blessed and like to bless others (and the game is pretty darn good too). Thank you for your generosity! DONATE

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