Revision History

NOTE TO EXISTING CUSTOMERS: Since December 2005 the program has a feature that will check your version and, if needed, offer to automatically update your copy to the latest version. You can check if that option is available in your version by looking for a "Check for Updates" option within the "Help" pull-down menu. Otherwise, you will need to download and install the full installation this time (and the option will be available for future updates). It's safe to use either update method with your current data, as the installation process will detect and preserve any existing data and settings you have.

VERSION 3.5.1  (Released: 2/28/2016)
Improved the way the results are displayed so that if you change to another program, it's easier to return to PowerSearch.
VERSION 3.5.0  (Released: 2/27/2016)
Increased the size of the Help fonts.
Updated copyright material and migrated from VB5 to VB6.
Removed the requirement to run the program with Admin rights.

VERSION  (Released: 3/7/2011)
Enhanced some processes to run faster.

VERSION 3.4.10  (Released: 7/29/2009)
Improved the output display to skip a line between files.

VERSION 3.4.9  (Released: 6/22/2009)
Made some minor changes to help.

VERSION 3.4.8  (Released: 4/29/2009)
Improved the results display so that the last position and window size is remembered for when it is displayed again.

VERSION 3.4.7  (Released: 4/23/2009)
Improved the results display so that if text is found in a particularly long line (or a unix file that appears as one line to Windows programs), the results will be truncated to make them easier to view.

VERSION 3.4.6  (Released: 2/9/2009)
Fixed a bug where files with spaces where not opening if you had the "View With" option checked.

VERSION 3.4.5  (Released: 1/8/2009)
Improved the look of the status window.

VERSION 3.4.3  (Released: 1/5/2009)
Fixed a bug where the status window could be erroneously resized.

VERSION 3.4.2  (Released: 12/19/2008)
Forced a refresh of the file mask when the Search button is selected to ensure the file mask typed in is the one used for the current search.
Added a search option via the File pull-down menu in case that's a preferred method for users to invoke commands.7
Modestly improved the look and feel of the Help System.

VERSION 3.4.0  (Released: 11/24/2008)
Added the ability to type a folder for the folder to be searched rather than only select it from a folder list.
The folder used/searched just prior to exiting the program will be added to a list that can more easily be selected from in the future.
The aforementioned folder list may be edited as desired to add/remove folders from the predefined list.

VERSION 3.3.4  (Released: 11/12/2008)
Modified some of the graphics to enhance the presentation.

VERSION 3.3.3  (Released: 11/9/2008)
Improved the presentation of the "Quick Start" information.
Added better detection of systems using Windows Vista.

VERSION 3.3.0  (Released: 11/07/2007)
Added the ability to save and reopen the results of previous searches.

VERSION 3.2.0  (Released: 5/25/2007)
Converted the Help System to HTML Help to ensure Windows Vista compatibility.

VERSION 3.1.2  (Released: 6/29/2007)
Improved the way the status indicator initializes (counting folders and files that will be searched).

VERSION 3.1.1  (Released: 6/12/2007)
Enhanced the status indicator screen.

VERSION 3.1  (Released: 6/12/2007)
Added the ability to optionally cancel the search process.

VERSION 3.0  (Released: 6/7/2007)
Added the ability to optionally search subfolders!!!


VERSION 2.4.0  (Released: 5/4/2007)
Added the ability to toggle cAsE sEnSiTiVe searches.

VERSION 2.3.5  (Released: 3/30/2007)
Improved the search speed.

VERSION 2.3.4  (Released: 3/23/2007)
Made improvements to the color scheme and added some other underlying adjustments to make the program run better.

VERSION 2.3.2  (Released: 3/7/2007)
Improved the search routine so that blank lines may exist in the file and no false positives are found.

VERSION 2.3.2  (Released: 3/7/2007)
Added the options to change the editor of your choice via the "Browse" button.
Added a feature so that if you selected found text, the program will open the file associated with it on the "Found Text" display.

VERSION 2.3.1  (Released: 3/5/2007)
Significantly improved the results display so that you can execute the application associated with the file (set via the Operating System) by double clicking or use your own association (such as wordpad.exe) to view a file that contains a search term.

VERSION 2.2.6  (Released: 2/25/2007)
Added Windows Vista Compliance Features (e.g. the data files are stored under the "Application Data" folder rather than under the "Program Files" folder). The new version will detect if you already have data and relocate the files for you.

VERSION 2.2.4  (Released: 1/23/2007)
Improved the way the directory will change the results of the files being viewed if the keyboard is used.

VERSION 2.2.2  (Released: 12/20/2006)
Fixed a bug where sometimes the "View Results" option would not work correctly.

VERSION 2.0.1  (Released: 12/06/2005)
Added a feature where the program will check if the version being evaluated is older than 30 days and offer the option to check for updates.

Added a feature so that now when the search process is complete, the program will ask to view the results. Results are also able to be viewed via the File pull-down menu by selecting "View Recent Search Results".
Significantly enhanced the status display so it shows the number of bytes to be read and number of bytes that have been read.
Increased the speed of the search routine.


Fixed a bug where it was not changing to a different drive when one selected a drive other than the default.

Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Me, and 9x.



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