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Using the Snappy Invoice System is very intuitive. It has a clean interface, and all the main features can easily be accessed via pull-down menus, hotkeys, or by using the friendly graphical menu across the top of the main screen. As a result you can easily add, edit, and browse invoices without spending a lot of time learning how.

Reviewing existing invoices is easy via the list box at the right of the main screen, which enables you to quickly locate and move to a previously created invoice. This feature also gives you a feel for the entries you are browsing so that you're not just working with "tunnel vision" going from entry to entry.

Screen Shot of the Snappy Invoice System

The Snappy Invoice System prints professional, crisp invoices. As shown above, it also sports a "Print Preview" feature so you can examine an invoice before printing it.

Another feature is that the invoices are printed on standard 8.5"x11" paper and they are not cluttered with expensive ink — making the printing of invoices fast and inexpensive without sacrificing quality or professional appearance. The heading can be adjusted to whatever you wish to include the ability to easily add your own contact information and/or logo.

The "Find Wizard" will help you view either all the invoices taken, or you can tell it to locate only the entries matching a certain criterion ...

Screen Shot of the Snappy Invoice System Find Screen

Coupled with the "Find Wizard" noted above, you can also produce a "Sales Journal" to easily identify the number of sales made during a particular time, by a sales person, etc. This feature is also especially useful for when it comes time to report sales tax collected over a period of time.

Screen Shot of the Snappy Invoice System Journal

If you're still a little undecided if Snappy Invoice is right for you, feel free to:


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