Revision History

NOTE TO EXISTING CUSTOMERS: Since December 2005 the program has a feature that will check your version and, if needed, offer to automatically update your copy to the latest version. You can check if that option is available in your version by looking for a "Check for Updates" option within the "Help" pull-down menu. Otherwise, you will need to download and install the full installation this time (and the option will be available for future updates). It's safe to use either update method with your current data, as the installation process will detect and preserve any existing data and settings you have.

Please note that if you have a registered version less than 5.0, then you will need to pay for an upgrade license for each PC that you use the program on. As a registered user of a previous version, you may upgrade at a significant discount.

VERSION 5.4.0  (Released: 2/27/2016)
Removed the requirement to run the program with Admin rights.
Increased the size of the Help fonts.
Updated copyright material and migrated from VB5 to VB6.

VERSION 5.3.4  (Released: 1/8/2009)
Improved the look of the status window.

VERSION  (Released: 12/18/2008)
Modestly improved the look and feel of the Help System.

VERSION 5.3.3  (Released: 12/4/2008)
Changed the hotkey to access the View/Modify Wizard from Ctrl-V to Ctrl-W to accomodate using Ctrl-V for pasting operations in the folder text field.

VERSION 5.3.2  (Released: 11/25/2008)
Added the ability to type in a folder name rather than only select it from a folder tree.

VERSION 5.3.1  (Released: 11/12/2008)
Modified some of the graphics to enhance the presentation.

VERSION 5.3.0  (Released: 11/8/2008)
Improved the cache folder detection routine.
Added a better ability to detect folders in Windows Vista.

VERSION 5.2.0  (Released: 8/25/2007)
Converted the Help System to HTML Help to ensure Windows Vista compatibility.

VERSION 5.1.0  (Released: 5/5/2007)
Improved the way the View/Delete Wizard displays the list of titles and date/time they were viewed.

VERSION 5.0.5  (Released: 3/23/2007)
Made improvements to the color scheme and added some other underlying adjustments to make the program run better.

VERSION 5.0.4  (Released: 2/25/2007)
Added Windows Vista Compliance Features (e.g. the data files are stored under the "Application Data" folder rather than under the "Program Files" folder). The new version will detect if you already have data and relocate the files for you.

VERSION 5.0.2  (Released: 1/23/2007)
Improved the way the directory will change the results of the files being viewed if the keyboard is used.

VERSION 5.0.0  (Released: 12/16/2006)
The output now displays the images in a thumbnail format to provide a quick review of the web cache contents.


VERSION 4.9.4  (Released: 11/22/2006)
Made a minor change so that the refresh button is positioned to the right of the "Suggested Cache Folder" combo box rather than above it.

VERSION 4.9.3  (Released: 10/28/2006)
The "Suggested Cache Folders" list can now display only folders with a minimum file count, effectively filtering out many folders that do not need to be considered for review.

VERSION 4.9.2  (Released: 6/08/2006)
The "Suggested Cache Folders" list now displays cache.trash folders too.

VERSION 4.8.4  (Released: 6/08/2006)
Added an option to have the "Suggested Cache Folders" list only display folders that have files at that moment.

VERSION 4.8.3  (Released: 5/05/2006)
Added a feature where "suggested cache folders" displays how many files are in a folder to give a quicker indication of whether that folder should be analyzed further.

VERSION 4.8.2  (Released: 12/06/2005)
Added a feature where the program will check if the version being evaluated is older than 30 days and offer the option to check for updates.

VERSION 4.8.1  (Released: 11/19/2005)
Fixed a bug introduced in v4.8 where the View/Delete Wizard was not working correctly.

VERSION 4.8  (Released: 10/15/2005)
Added the feature where a new browser window is opened when you view a given indexed file. This makes it easier and much faster to return to the indexed page that was previously being viewed.

VERSION 4.7  (Released: 02/08/2005)
Greatly improved the help system, particularly the section explaining the View/Delete Wizard features.

Made several cosmetic changes (primarily the adjustment of color schemes) and added several cool special effects: windows pop, expand, and slide onto the screen — and then, when being closed, they snap, implode, and slide off the screen.

Made several cosmetic changes to the Help System and within the program.
Added a Quick Start window for new users.
Added a prompt to search for cache folders if no list currently exists.

Made many changes to optimize how the program works running under Windows 2000 and above.
Enhanced the display so that a status is shown when the Suggested Cache Folders are being searched.

Added a Suggested Cache Folders list, where the drive you are viewing will be searched for common locations of cache folders when the program is first started.
Added the ability to resize the window, which is also remembered the next time you run the program.
Enabled the program to be run minimized and run in the background, and added a "percent complete" display to the minimized icon.

Changed the color scheme a little.
Enhanced the status display window so the full path can be seen.

The HTML display has been significantly improved: the list of titles, file names, etc. are in an easy-to-read table format. You'll have to compare the new display with the old to fully appreciate how much better it is.
The program can optionally recognize and filter out binary files from the index list.
Some additional file-handling capabilities have been added so that the program recognizes more graphic files and searches deeper into pages that were not given proper titles by the web page creator.
The status window now displays the path and file name being processed.
The status window now displays how many binary and/or image files (if any) have been filtered.
A new trick: If you hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard when selecting the title, it opens a new browser window (the Back button on your browser will not be an option and all you need to do is either close the new window completely or switch over to the original browser window that lists all the indexed files.)


Added the ability to quickly toggle between sorted modes (by Title or by Date).

Added a very useful View/Delete Wizard. The View/Delete Wizard enables you to explore the cached files and/or selectively delete one or more files documents.


Added a 3D appearance to the status window.
Added a cancel button that can cancel the indexing process before it is complete.

Fixed a bug where on some systems the indexed file (!ndex.htm) was not triggering the automatic launch of the default browser. (NOTE: you still need to have the correct file associations set up on your system, but this should already be done. If not, read the Windows Help discussion about Associating file types with programs).

Fixed a bug where on some systems with multiple drives, the list used to point to the cache directory was not getting refreshed correctly.

Added a feature so that now when the indexing process is complete, the program will automatically launch the default browser set up for that system and pull up the !ndex.htm file for viewing.
The display for the output (!ndex.htm) list has been enhanced to make browsing the titles even easier. (e.g. the titles themselves are now bold faced, the date of the file has been expanded to include the day of the week it was created, etc.)
Added a feature so that one can now filter out the common graphic files (*.jpg, *.jpeg, and *.gif) in the list. This helps ensure only actual web pages get indexed if that is all you want.
Added a feature so that if the web page author did not give the document a title, the program will search for headings within the document to help give you an idea of what the document contains.
Fixed a bug where sorting by date/time was not working properly.


Fixed a bug where it was not changing to a different drive when one selected a drive other than the default of c:\


Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Me, and 9x.



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