Revision History

NOTE TO EXISTING CUSTOMERS: Since December 2005 the program has a feature that will check your version and, if needed, offer to automatically update your copy to the latest version. You can check if that option is available in your version by looking for a "Check for Updates" option within the "Help" pull-down menu. Otherwise, you will need to download and install the full installation this time (and the option will be available for future updates). It's safe to use either update method with your current data, as the installation process will detect and preserve any existing data and settings you have.

Please note that if you have a registered version less than 13.0, then you will need to pay for an upgrade license for each PC that you use the program on. As a registered user of a previous version, you may upgrade at a significant discount.

VERSION 13.5.0  (Released: 2/25/2016)
Removed the requirement to run the program with Admin rights.
Increased the size of the Help fonts.
Updated copyright material and migrated from VB5 to VB6.

VERSION 13.4.0  (Released: 5/26/2014)
Added a convenient "Backup Macro File(s)" option (found under the "File" pull-down menu of the Macro Editor).

VERSION 13.3.0  (Released: 1/17/2012)
Added the ability to use variables with the MOUSE MOVE command.

VERSION 13.3.0  (Released: 3/7/2011)
Enhanced some processes to run faster.

VERSION 13.2.1  (Released: 1/7/2009)
Improved the "If ExistWindow" function so that it only detects visible windows since sometimes programs will have invisible windows that are not useful to any macros.

VERSION 13.1  (Released: 12/19/2008)
Improved the way the GetInput command behaves (hiding the Macro Mania window that invoked it and ensuring focus is on the GetInput window).
Modestly improved the look and feel of the Help System.

VERSION 13.0  (Released: 12/6/2008)
Updated the program to use XP/Vista type icons.
Significantly updated the icon library with much better icons.
Improved many of the auxilary screens (such as prompts for user input).

VERSION 12.5.1  (Released: 11/12/2008)
Modified some of the graphics to enhance the presentation.

VERSION 12.5.0  (Released: 11/9/2008)
Improved the presentation of the "Quick Start" information.
Added better detection of systems using Windows Vista.

VERSION 12.3.0  (Released: 5/25/2007)
Converted the Help System to HTML Help to ensure Windows Vista compatibility.

VERSION 12.2.3  (Released: 6/11/2007)
Fixed some bugs (introduced in v12.2) with sending an Alt-space or multiple spaces between curly brackets (e.g. "send %{ }x" or "send { }".

VERSION 12.2.0  (Released: 6/9/2007)
Significantly improved the Windows Vista compatibility features.

VERSION 12.1.2  (Released: 3/17/2007)
Made some minor enhancements to the colorize routine.

VERSION 12.1.1  (Released: 3/16/2007)
Moved the Command Wizard to the left of the Macro Editor so it is closer to the text of the macro and easier to use.

VERSION 12.1.0  (Released: 3/6/2007)
Made some fundamental changes to some code to make the program run faster.

VERSION 12.0.5  (Released: 3/5/2007)
Fixed a bug with the installation of v12.x that did not properly copy some of the example data files.

VERSION 12.0.4  (Released: 3/1/2007)
Enhanced the Macro Editor so that if [F4] is pressed and the Command Wizard is not visible, it will automatically become visible and available to insert a new macro command.

VERSION 12.0.2  (Released: 2/26/2007)
Added some logic so that if a macro was paused with the SHOW parameter, the window will size itself more relative to the amount of text being shown.
Added some better error handling routines internal to the program.
Fixed a minor bug where the scheduler had to be clicked twice if changing from a "Not Scheduled" to "Scheduled For" scenario.

VERSION 12.0.1  (Released: 2/24/2007)
Enhanced the logic for when an explicit macro file to be used is passed in via parameters so it properly uses the explicit path or, if one is not found, the default area where Macro Mania files are stored.

VERSION 12.0.0  (Released: 2/23/2007)
To make Macro Mania more Windows Vista compliant, macro files are now stored in the "Application Data\All Users" folder. (If you have existing macros, they will be moved to that folder automatically if you install the new version to the same location as your previous version. A backup of the old macro data will also be made for you automatically and a message that all of that has happened will appear the first time you run the new version.)
The Command Wizard has been significantly improved so that it may be viewed as a listbox to the right of the Macro Editor rather than one having to select it from a pull-down menu. It may also be easily toggled on/off via a "View" pull-down menu, or by pressing Ctrl-W.
The way the date a macro has been scheduled is now shown much more clearly in the Macro Editor.
In addition to the actual macro scripts being encrypted, the description of a macro is encrypted.
The syntax coloring scheme in the Macro Editor has been significantly enhanced (faster and more complete).


VERSION 11.3.3  (Released: 1/30/2007)
Made improvements to the color scheme and added some other underlying adjustments to make the program run better.

VERSION 11.3.2  (Released: 1/23/2007)
Improved the way the directory will change the results of the files being viewed if the keyboard is used in the Icon Browser.

VERSION 11.3.0  (Released: 1/16/2007)
Enhanced the editor so the syntax coloring routine works 500% faster.

VERSION 11.2.4  (Released: 12/20/2006)
Enhanced the editor so it only tries to colorize the text if you move the cursor up/down, or press enter. This minimizes it interfering with the screen while you are typing.

VERSION 11.2.2  (Released: 11/21/2006)
Fixed a bug introduced in v11.0 where new macro files could not be created properly due to the encryption process.

VERSION 11.1.3  (Released: 05/12/2006)
Added two commands: "If NOT ExistWindow" and "If NOT ExistFile".

VERSION 11.0.3  (Released: 01/12/2006)
Fixed some bugs in the coloring routine of the Macro Editor (which started with v11.0.2).

VERSION 11.0.2  (Released: 01/12/2006)
Improved the "Open" routine so that when "Cancel" is selected from the dialog box, Macro Mania returns to the previous macro being used (rather than forcing you to select a valid macro file from the dialog box).

VERSION 11.0.1  (Released: 01/10/2006)
Fixed an error where the version 11.0 conversion process did not work with some macro data files.

VERSION 11.0  (Released: 01/09/2006)
Significantly improved the data editor so that when certain keys (such as enter, or backspace, or up/down arrow) are pressed, the text is refreshed with syntax color. This provides immediate feedback that proper syntax has been used as well as visually enhances the displayed macro.
By popular request, added the ability to display text when the SHOW parameter is used with the PAUSE command. This makes it easy to briefly explain the pause and/or give users the option to immediately resume or cancel a macro with an understanding of what is happening.
Added a new WAITFOR command, which provides the ability to pause a macro until a certain event (such as the clipboard getting data, a Window appearing, or a file existing) has occured. The ability to set a default timeout value is also available.
Improved the Find/Replace window so that replace options are only shown if "Replace" has been chosen from the initial options. Thus, there is now a separate "Find" and a "Replace" option under the "Edit" pull-down menu (similar to usual Microsoft standards).
Enhanced the Find/Replace process so an option to begin searching from the first macro forward is given, and is the default option.
Improved the Find/Replace functionality so that If you're in the middle of walking through a Find process and press F3 (to "Find Next"), the find window will automatically hide itself so you can continue through the process without the Find window getting in the way.
Added a {password} parameter to the GETINPUT command so that, when used, the characters that are typed are displayed as a * rather than the actual character being typed.
Added the ability to embed one or more {enter}'s in areas where text was displayed on screen so that displayed text can be put into separate paragraphs. Namely the MSG, GETINPUT, and PAUSE SHOW commands have that attribute/ability to show text on the screen.
Significantly enhanced the method used to encrypt macro data so that data is even more secure. DISCLAIMER: The encryption method used is relatively secure and will prevent most computer users, even most advanced users, from being able to read your macros. However, the possibility exists that someone with an advanced knowledge of computer encryption techniques and a lot of determination could find a way to decrypt the data.


VERSION 10.2.3  (Released: 12/06/2005)
Added a feature where the program will check if the version being evaluated is older than 30 days and offer the option to check for updates.

VERSION 10.2.2  (Released: 11/28/2005)
Added a new example to show how you can create a macro that composes an e-mail message using your system's default E-mail Client.
Enhanced the pause routine to take less system resources when used without the "show" parameter.

VERSION 10.2  (Released: 03/19/2005)
Added a new command (called Macro Mania) where some attributes of macro mania can be set: one particularly useful one is that Macro Mania can be run invisible (it does not show up in the Task List when Alt-Tab is used, nor does it appear as an icon on the task bar). This is useful if you use hotkeys or scheduled macros to launch events, but otherwise want Macro Mania "out of the way". You can set a global hotkey (or schedule a macro) to make Macro Mania visible again.

VERSION 10.1  (Released: 02/18/2005)
Fixed a bug introduced in version 10.0 where an extraneous character was sometimes being added to the end of macros.
Fixed a bug introduced in version 10.0 where the passwords used to access and/or edit macros were not saved.

VERSION 10.0  (Released: 02/8/2005)
One of the main new features of Macro Mania is that your macro data files are now stored in an encrypted format to prevent someone from easily reading your macros (which may contain passwords or other sensitive information). DISCLAIMER: The encryption method used is relatively secure and will prevent most computer users, even most advanced users, from being able to read your macros. However, the possibility exists that someone with an advanced knowledge of computer encryption techniques and a lot of determination could find a way to decrypt the data.
If you open a macro file using the Branch command, Macro Mania will detect what mode you are viewing macros with (either List Mode or Button Mode) and open the branch file in the same mode.
Added the ability to toggle view modes within a "branched" window (Ctrl-M).
If a macro file has been password protected, the password dialogue screen appears much faster than before.
Added an "X-Large" button size setting.
Expanded the size of the Icon Viewer window.


Added the ability to position the GetInput box on the screen.
Added the ability to set a default value for the GetInput command.

Made several cosmetic changes (primarily the adjustment of color schemes) and added several cool special effects: windows pop, expand, and slide onto the screen — and then, when being closed, they snap, implode, and slide off the screen.

Added the Let (FileDateTime) command.
Added a cancel button to the password prompts for opening or editing macro files.
Made a few cosmetic changes to the Help System.
Added a Quick Start window for new Macro Mania users.

Changed the Add/Edit window to display the macro description when the text area is expanded.
Added the Let (Len) command.
Made many changes to optimize how the program works running under Windows 2000 and above.

Enhanced the Help System to support hyperlinks to the Internet.
Polished the Help System in some areas to make it more succinct and, well, helpful.

Added the ability to display macros in either a List Mode or a Button Mode. The List Mode is convenient for anyone wishing to see a list of all the macros quickly, while the Button Mode is more visually appealing with the icons. You can easily toggle between either mode by pressing Ctrl+M. Macro Mania will remember which mode you were in before exiting the program and will position and size the window according to how you left it before exiting.
Added a feature where you can add space between each of the buttons so that the background color will show more and so you can achieve some visual separation between each of the macro buttons. (See Button Settings under the "File" pull-down menu to set up your button sizes and spacing options.)
Added some more examples to the pre-installed macros.
Added and replaced some icons that come pre-installed with Macro Mania.
Added the file being edited to display in the Macro Editor.
Rearranged the Help System a little to make the main screen more concise.
Fixed a minor bug where sometimes the cut, copy, and paste functions would not work right within the Macro Editor.
Fixed a minor bug where sometimes the macro window would not remember its last size and position of the program when the program was exited.


Added the ability (option) to position the message box somewhere other than the default position (the middle of the screen) when using any of the Msg commands.
Added more sophisticated error messages when a macro tries to do something it can not do (e.g. if you point to a drive that does not exist when executing a file command, the error message shows the syntax of the macro command to help you diagnose errors with the macro).
Extended the quantity discount schedule to provide additional discounts for organizations that wish to purchase more than 500 licenses at a time.

The "goto macro" command within the editor now remembers the last macro you went to.
Added the ability to quickly jump to the "Find What" field within the Find/Search feature of the Macro Editor.
Fixed a bug where using Ctrl-V would duplicate the pasted information within the Macro Editor (oddly Shift-Insert or manually selecting "Edit", then "Paste" worked fine).

Fixed some compatibility issues when Macro Mania was running under Windows 2000 — the Macro Editor was not showing the macros after they were saved.

Enhanced the Help System so that the macro commands are shown in color to make it much easier to read the macros and to make them more visually attractive (like when viewed in the Macro Editor of v8.x). The tool bar has also been revamped significantly to make it much smaller so that more of your actual macro can be viewed on the screen. Some new features have also been added — such as the ability to quickly jump to the first or last macro, manipulate text (cut, copy, and paste) via the toolbar, and more.

The Macro Editor has been significantly enhanced with a more modern look, and new features have been added. Macro commands are now in color to help visually set them apart from other text. Remarks are in dark green, labels in purple, variables in red, and the rest of the commands are in blue. The tool bar has been revised with a newer look and feel and new features, such as the ability to quickly jump to the first or last macro, have been added.


Fixed a small bug with the Command Wizard not highlighting the parts that need to be dynamically entered when it was being used.
Fixed a bug (that just started with v7.0 due to some major changes with its editor) where the Ctrl-v command to paste text in the Macro Editor was not working correctly.

Changed the way the Copy and Delete Commands work so that they now are more closely tied to the way the operating system behaves. For example, the prompts and status windows are like those seen when using the Windows Explorer. Also, if the file being copied is particularly large, a status bar (with a percentage complete indicator) is displayed. The Delete command now acts like the DOS DelTree command in that if you specify just a folder, all files and folders in and below it will be deleted and removed. There are also several other options available for these commands, such as toggling whether or not files will be put into the recycle bin, whether or not you should be prompted to overwrite or delete existing files, and much more.
Added several other Msg commands (now you can ask Yes/No questions, Display an Abort, Retry, Ignore prompt, store what option was selected in a variable to conditionally perform certain actions in your macros, and more.
Added the ability to search (and/or replace) text within one or more macros.
Fixed a minor bug where the icon display did not correctly scroll all the way to the last few icons (you had to use the file listbox rather than the displayed list of icons to view the final 3-7 icons).
Added a feature so that if you have made the main window of Macro Mania float on top, any branches will retain that property and float on top of other windows too.
Added the ability to change the background color of the main window by selecting Change Background Color from the "File" pull-down menu.
Fixed a bug so that If you're in insert mode in the Macro Editor and press enter, the editor behaves more as expected (a new line is created rather than it pulling up data from the following line).
Added the ability to manipulate the Mouse
Fixed a bug where sometimes a pause command would stop the macro if the pause was running and midnight occured.


Added the ability to manipulate the Mouse (point to certain locations on the screen and trigger right, middle, and left clicks).

Added the cross-referenced menu item If ExistFile to the File submenu on the Command Wizard.
Added a discussion about how one can check for the existance of a subdirectory using the If ExistFile command.
Wrapped the installation routine in a new and improved install engine.

Added a more "3-D" look and feel to some of the status windows.

Fixed a bug that, under certain conditions, turning off the invisible attribute of a macro button was difficult.
Fixed a bug where the REPLACE command was not recognizing variables with extensions that were 2 characters long.
Added a new look-and-feel feature in the Macro Editor where focus is automatically placed on the text of the macro (not the scheduler) after a macro is saved.

Fixed a bug for when certain days of the week were scheduled.
Added a new intuitive feature so that when a schedule time is adjusted, the hour or minute will automatically get set to a starting value.

Added a {DUN} parameter to the Run Command so that one can easily launch a Dial-Up Networking Session.
Added a {CP} parameter to the Run Command so that one can easily access the Windows Control Panel items.
Modified the interface to give it more of a 32-bit look and feel (e.g. turned off bold attributes of some of the fonts, etc.)
Changed it so that choosing cancel when a GetInput prompt is shown just makes the macro continue executing. (You can still have the macro abort if no input is given — see the new detailed example at the bottom of the screen where the GetInput Command syntax is shown.)
Added a more detailed Year 2000 Compliant Statement to the Help System.
Added a Yes/No prompt if you launch another instance of Macro Mania, giving you the chance to abort accidentally running another copy, yet also providing you the ability to intentionally run another instance. The prompt is intentionally avoided if you launch Macro Mania with any parameter (e.g. launch it with the EDIT parameter to have it go directly to the Macro Editor or launch it with a number because you want to launch it with the number corresponding to a macro number you wish to run as soon as Macro Mania loads, or you launch it with a file name to indicate you want to load another instance of Macro Mania with a certain group of macros.) This enables you to easily use Macro Mania itself to launch another Macro Mania instance in cases where doing so is implicitly intentional.
Added an example to the Help System demonstrating how one can easily toggle the scheduled state of a macro with another macro. See Scheduling Macros With Other Macros.
Added the ability to either close just the Macro Editor or to exit Macro Mania entirely when in the Macro Editor.
Fixed a bug when the password options were set for opening or editing macro files with v6.x.
Removed some of the icons being distributed to eliminate any potential problems with certain ones being protected trademarks (e.g snoopy, aol...)

The most obvious (and very time-consuming) change was the migration of Macro Mania from a 16-bit program to a 32-bit program. Note that, unlike previous versions, Macro Mania now requires Windows 9x/NT.
The global hotkeys have been extended so that more than just an Alt-[key] combination can be assigned to a hotkey. You can now set any combination of Alt, Ctrl, Shift, and WinKey, with function keys 1-12, numbers 0-9, and letters a-Z.
Global hotkeys may now be made invisible.
The ability to print out a list of all global hotkeys now exists.
Added the DelTree command.
Support for Long File Names now exists for all the File Commands as well as for Macro Mania data files (*.mm).
The Macro Editor now supports an Insert Mode so that you can easily type over existing text.


A new Command Wizard has been added to make it much easier for you to insert macro commands. Just use the "Insert Command" pull-down menu from the Macro Editor to easily insert any macro command.
The Macro Editor interface has been enhanced to permit you to shrink and stretch it to better fit your screen size and likings (the size and position are remembered from session to session).

Note: Version 5.x is the latest version available for a 16-bit platform (Windows 3.x) and, though it still works fine, it is not supported any longer. Certainly no effort or additional features are being put into anything other than the latest version, and only the latest version is actively supported.


Added the Let(Format) command so you can easily manipulate variables into different standard formats (e.g. currency, percentages, dates, etc.)
Added the Let (now) command so you can easily set a variable to the value of the current day and time (assumedly to extract whatever you need from that with the Let (Format) command).
Added the Let (Math) command so you can easily add, subtract, multiply, and divide the values of variables.
Added the ability to use variables with virtually any macro command that accepts parameters.
Added the ability to print a macro easily from the Add/Edit Window.
Added the ability to copy a macro to the clipboard from the Add/Edit Window with a menu option (no need to highlight and then select Edit, Copy).

Added the ability to use variables with all the File... commands.
Added a discussion/example in the Help System about adding a counter to a repeating macro.
Added the Let (Replace) command which enables you to replace text with other text in a variable.

Added the ability to set global hotkeys. You can now launch a macro while you are in any Windows program without having to first switch over to Macro Mania.

Introduced several Let Commands that enable you to put text, the contents of files, and the contents of the clipboard into variables. You can then parse, evaluate, and change the contents of those variables with variations of the Let command.
Other commands such as SEND, MSG_OK, etc will work with variables too!
Added some If-Then commands which enable you to compare variables, check for the existance of a file, and/or check for the existance of a Window and then execute a macro accordingly.
A new GoTo command has also been added so that you can jump to a particular part of a macro (assumedly to use with the If-Then command).
Added several File Commands to enable you to copy, delete, move, rename, and even create/write to files as well as make, remove, and rename subdirectories.
Added the optional {wait} parameter to the RUN command. If you include this parameter, Macro Mania will run the specified program, then halt execution of the rest of the macro until the program has terminated (either automatically or manually). This option is especially useful when shelling to programs that run and terminate automatically, such as DOS batch files, etc.
Added the ability for you to Order (resequence) macros. This is useful if, for example, you want to group certain macros together, move hidden macros to the end, etc. This feature will automatically detect and adjust any macros that have a macro command so that they point to the correct macro(s) after their sequence has changed.
The macro number is now displayed in the left corner of the status bar--useful to get a visual overview of the macros and their positions when you wish to edit or reposition macros.
Fixed a minor bug with drive box not appearing on high resolution monitors when selecting icons.
Fixed a minor bug where the edit box did not detect a change if you pasted text using Shift-Insert.
Removed the feature of the Macro Editor Screen resizing itself according to the screen resolution--this permits the same amount of information to be displayed in the editor, but it does not take up as much screen space.
If you pass in a parameter to tell Macro Mania what macro file to use, you do not have to include the full path. If a path is missing it looks in its current subdirectory, if a path is present it will use the environment path, and if the file is not found at all, then it just uses the DEFAULT.MM file. (See Creating and Opening New Macro Files.)
Added a Copy Macro feature to the Macro Editor so you can easily copy an existing macro to a new macro (assumedly to allow you to copy then edit a macro that you may want to be similar, but not exactly the same as the one you are copying from).
Added a MinimizeAll sub-command to the Minimize command, which enables you to quickly and easily minimize all Windows currently open.
Added a Save As option in the Macro Editor so you can quickly save a macro file to a new file.
Fixed a bug with the passwords for opening or editing macros getting truncated to 5 characters.
Fixed a bug that happened randomly with the ACTIVATE and RUN commands not working when odd situations existed in the Windows environment. Macro Mania has always been a very solid program and is now more solid than ever!


Added the OnTop command which enables you to toggle the Always On Top property (if the main window of Macro Mania floats on top of the other windows) in a macro.
Enhanced the way the windows are displayed on high-resolution monitors.
Added better compatibility with International Date Settings thar are not like (U.S.).
Fixed a bug with scheduling a macro between midnight and 1:00 am--it used to not save a macro scheduled in that time range correctly.
Made Macro Mania smarter about saving the size and position of a branch Window when it exits. If it is minimized during the exit it will not save the minimized size and therefore cause the Windows to be virtually unusable. This only happened under unusual exit circumstance with branch Windows, but that has been fixed.
Added some discussion about DOS batch files to the help system.
Added the feature/option to have the first button beep when it gets the focus. This is especially useful if you like to tab through your macros from the keyboard and would like an audio reference of when you have just put focus on (or passed) the first button.
Added several commands that enable you to manipulate the contents of the Windows clipboard. Namely the Clipboard_Restore, Clipboard_Save, Clipboard_Set, and Clipboard_SetFile commands.
Added the ability to create different macro files and then open them as needed. Useful if you want to categorize your macros (e.g. by user, functionality, what application they will be used with, etc.).
Added the Open command to open a different macro file from within a macro itself. Also added the ability to pass a macro file at startup and the ability to manually open another macro file via a selection on the pull-down menu.
Added the Branch command. This command allows you to specify another macro file which will pop up and allow you to interactively select an option. Once an option is selected, a macro will run and return to the original macro to execute further macro commands if needed.
Added the Repeat_Prompt command to give more control and easier access regarding setting repeat values in a macro.
Added the ability to make a macro button invisible from the Main Screen in Macro Mania. This is useful when you do not normally select a macro directly (e.g. it is used via a Macro command in another macro, it is only executed at startup, etc.)
Enhanced Macro Mania so that the macro command no longer has to be the last command of a macro. Execution will now return to a macro that launches another macro. You can now easily create subroutines and loops within macros.
To quickly modify a macro, you can now click once on the right mouse button to automatically go to the edit screen to edit the macro your mouse pointer is on. Especially helpful if you have several macros and forget their sequence number.
Added a feature that automatically searches and adjusts any macros that have a macro command which points to macros that get resequenced when you delete macros.
Added a few more bells and whistles on the Macro Editor. For example, F3 will take you to the box so you can jump to a macro quickly.
Added a password feature you can set at two levels. You can now password protect your macro file entirely, password protect the macros from being view or edited via Macro Mania, or password protect both.
Added to the discussion of the Run command, which mentions some not so obvious features that will be sure to interest most of you. (See the NOTES section of the Run command for details.)


Removed the opening screen if Macro Mania is a registered copy and it is has been run minimized or with a parameter to have it run a specific macro at startup (an unregistered copy requires you to select OK at the opening screen). If Macro Mania is just being run normally (registered or not registered) a Splash Screen is displayed for just a couple seconds when Macro Mania first initializes.
Fixed a minor bug with the scheduler: if a date had been scheduled, one had to select Not Scheduled, save it, and then move to another macro or exit the macro setup for it to clear. (Now you only have to select Not Scheduled--the need to move to another macro or exit the macro setup is no longer necessary to unschedule a macro.)
Added the ability to schedule macros to run only on certain days of the week (e.g. Monday, Tuesday, etc.).
Added the PlayWav command so that you can play a wav file from a macro for added pizzaz or to otherwise bring attention to a macro. (Kind of a fun to play with too!)
Added the WinExit command which can either exit Windows, restart Windows, or restart the computer--fast and easy.
Extended the ability of the Activate command to enable it to activate a program with only a partial match of its Title Bar.
Added the GetInput and SendInput commands. The GetInput command can be used to request small amounts of dynamic information (file names, search strings, etc.). The SendInput command will then send the information obtained from the GetInput command.
Reworked the examples that are installed. Based on the operating system being installed to (Windows 3.x or Windows 95), appropriate examples are installed to best demonstrate the usefullness of Macro Mania.
Enhanced the discussion of Windows 95 considerations in the Help System. (See the Pause or Minimize command for more details.)



Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Me, and 9x.



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