Revision History

NOTE: If your copy of Manage Your Contacts is v5.0 or later (which can be determined by viewing the "About" window accessed via the "Help" pull-down menu) and you need to update your version, you may download and install the new version now (the installation will detect and preserve any existing entries and/or settings you have). If you have a version prior to v5.0, then you should review the update information.

VERSION 5.3.2  (Released: 6/24/2009)
Added the ability to import CSV Files. (The ability to export to that format already existed.)

VERSION 5.3.1  (Released: 3/7/2011)
Enhanced some processes to run faster.
Modestly improved the look and feel of the Help System.

VERSION 5.3.1  (Released: 11/20/2008)
Made a minor improvement to the fonts on the "Quick Start" page.

VERSION 5.3  (Released: 9/4/2008)
Improved the distribution of some support files important to viewing and printing labels and reports.

VERSION  (Released: 1/30/2007)
Made improvements to the color scheme and added some other underlying adjustments to make the program run better.

VERSION  (Released: December 10, 2005)
Added a feature where the program will check if the version being evaluated is older than 30 days and offer the option to check for updates.

VERSION 5.2.9  (Released: November 19, 2005)
Fixed a bug where the date was not being formatted correctly on some systems that format the date as other than mm/dd/yyyy.

VERSION 5.1.5  (Released: January 22, 2005)
Added several cool special effects: windows pop, expand, and slide onto the screen — and then, when being closed, they snap, implode, and slide off the screen.

Added the ability to export entries to a format supported by the Microsoft® Word® mail merge feature.

Made many changes to optimize how the program works running under Windows 2000 and above.


Added the ability to resize the screen a number of different ways to take advantage of higher screen resolutions and enable you to size the window more to your liking.
Lengthened the maximum allowable size of the web site and e-mail address fields to 255 characters.

Added the ability to automatically compose an e-mail message to the contact name and e-mail address listed with the default e-mail client. Use "Compose an E-mail Message..." from the "Input/Output" pull-down menu.
Added a new "Web Site" field so the web site associated with that person can easily be recorded and ...
Added the ability to quickly visit the "Web Site" associated with the entry. Use "Visit Web Site" from the "Input/Output" pull-down menu.


Made many look and feel changes to bring the program more visually up to date.
Added the ability to check for updates at the official Manage Your Contacts web site easily via the Help > About window.
Enhanced the installation routine.

Added a "Search" pull-down menu so you can quickly and easily access the search wizard, or choose from some common, pre-configured search options (such as finding all entries with the same last name, the same business name, the same e-mail domain, etc.)

Added the ability to reshape the window so you can view only the data or both the data and the list box, and can elongate the window to view more of the list. The way you left it is also remembered for the next time you start the program.

Streamlined the look-and-feel of the program, added new hot keys for accessing some of the menu items, etc.

Reworked some of the Help System for more clarity and conciseness.
Fixed an error that some systems experienced when viewing labels/reports in the Print Preview screen.

Enhanced the Search/Filter/Sort ability so you can add more criterion.
Added the ability to quickly copy the First and Last Name fields into the Windows clipboard.

Added a new Phone Book report to the reports. This report makes it easy to print out a list of names and phone numbers so you can hang them on your refrigerator at home, put them on a bulletin board at your office, etc.

Manage Your Contacts now will detect and use the Windows 95 Dialer automatically. This fixes a problem some Windows 95 users experienced when trying to auto-dial phone numbers since Windows 95 plug and play was not permitting it. The dialer is automatically filled with the number you select.

Added the Find Last Name Feature so that you can quickly locate people by their last name.
Added the Find All With Same Last Name Feature so you can quickly locate all the entries with the same last name. (This feature is under the "Input/Output" pull-down menu.)
Added the Find All With Same Business Name Feature so you can quickly locate all the entries with the same business name. (This feature is under the "Input/Output" pull-down menu.)
Added the ability to quickly paste information into a field.

Enhanced the way the windows are displayed on high-resolution monitors.
Added better compatibility with International Date Settings
Added the ability for one to just click once on the date and adjust the date via a calendar window.

A better installation routine is used for installing Manage Your Contacts.

Minor fix to the installation routine.

Major enhancements to the way "Manage Your Contacts" prints mailing labels. Namely the ability to select from several of the most popular Avery Laser labels, and an even easier interface for setting envelope settings. (Support to print simple, single-column dot matrix labels still exists too).
Because one of the most powerful, easy-to-use features of "Manage Your Contacts" has always been its ability to allow you to Search, Filter, and Sort you contact list the way you want, the mailing labels also works in parallel with this feature:
  - Print a label or report for only the current entry.
  - Print labels or report for all entries.
  - Print labels or report for your entries the same way you have chosen to Search, Filter, and Sort the list!
Added the ability to begin printing laser labels from a position other than the top, left label — avoiding waste of unused labels on a page.
Added a redial feature to the dialer and made it so it will float on top. Now you can keep it running and redialing in the background while you work in either "Manage Your Contacts" or another program!
Added two more phone # fields for a total of 5 phone # fields and moved the fields to a separate, convenient tab of their own.
Major overhaul of the way reports are printed and added some new reports to select from.
Some changes to the underlying database structure was necessary, see "UPGRADE.TXT" for instructions If you're upgrading from a previous version of "Manage Your Contacts".
Fixed compatibility problems with some international (non-U.S.) date formats.


Minor upgrade has a new, professional Windows' help system.
Added a scroll bar to the Notes section to make it easier to scroll a large amount of notes.

Automatically invoke and plug the e-mail address into either CompuServe Information Manager for Windows (WINCIM) or America Online for Windows navigator programs. Allows multiple entries to be selected and then messages (e.g. "e-mail newsletters") to be sent with just a few keystrokes.
Added the ability to adjust the date and time stamped to the entry via an easy-to-use point and click interface.
Added new options under the "Edit" pull-down menu to easily copy certain fields and/or groups of fields with minimal efforts.
Although not a big problem (it never was even reported), I noticed that sometimes the reports didn't display right away and the display ratio had to be adjusted to get it to work properly. This has been fixed.
Enhanced the import/export options for column-formatted files so that carriage returns in the notes section will remain. (By the nature of comma-delimited files, this is not possible, since each entry must be on one separate line.)
Once again, no bugs have been reported despite a decent registration rate — I really strive for this.

Added the ability to print envelopes on most HP compatible printers to include the HP LaserJet II series, HP LaserJet III, HP LaserJet IV, Brother HL 600 series, and HP DeskJet 500 series.
Added the ability to easily access Window's Calculator, Notepad, and Calendar programs via a pull-down "Utility" menu. This should help many of you manage appointments and your "to do list".
No bugs have been reported despite a healthy use/registration rate (I guess the new features were something a lot of people were looking for). However, the name has been changed from "The Contact Manager" to "Manage Your Contacts" in order to avoid conflicts with a retail program of a like name.

Added the ability to delete all entries or a large group of entries that you have selected with the SEARCH/FILTER/SORT function.
Added the ability to point to any destination when backing up and restoring the database.
Combined the various label setup functions into one common area.
Added a tab-like interface for use with the NOTES field so that the notes area can be viewed in a larger area.
Carriage Returns are now removed automatically when exporting, which is useful if you later wish to import the file.
Added the ability to "dial" with the mouse if you don't want to use a number already keyed in or key one in via the keyboard.

Added a super Search/Filter/Sort wizard that allows you to build your own criterion to manage your contact list the way you want, the way you need, and easily. It's extremely powerful and yet very easy to use — just point and click. This feature is clearly one of, if not the, best feature you'll find in ANY application of its kind!!
Streamlined the reporting functions to make them easier and with less overhead.
You can now Import/Export comma-delimited files and files in an easy-to-read column format.
Updated the underlying database structure so the Search/Filter/Sort functions could be made easier — I'm sure all you care is that it works. It works darn good.


Increased the number of fields you can sort on from the four main ones (Last Name, First Name, Business Name, and Date) to almost all of them (eleven total). Sorry, in order to allow virtually unlimited amounts of data in the NOTES section, I had to define it as a data type that can not be sorted on, though it is still searchable.
You can set your own option of when to print the country field while printing labels.
Many of the fields have been increased to accommodate longer strings. You should be able to enter data of any reasonable length. (ie, the phone number has been increased from 20 to 35 characters, the e-mail address has been increased from 35 characters to 50 characters)
You can use the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW to move one entry back or forward, respectively. It used to be you had to hold the Ctrl key while using them. Note that using the Ctrl key has the same effect, but is no longer necessary. I expect you'll quickly adapt to this easy enough.
The reports have been aesthetically enhanced.


Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Me, and 9x.



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