Revision History

NOTE TO EXISTING CUSTOMERS: Since December 2005 the program has a feature that will check your version and, if needed, offer to automatically update your copy to the latest version. You can check if that option is available in your version by looking for a "Check for Updates" option within the "Help" pull-down menu. Otherwise, you will need to download and install the full installation this time (and the option will be available for future updates). It's safe to use either update method with your current data, as the installation process will detect and preserve any existing data and settings you have.

Please note that if you have a registered version less than 6.0, then you will need to pay for an upgrade license for each PC that you use the program on. As a registered user of a previous version, you may upgrade at a significant discount.

VERSION 6.7  (Released: 3/14/2016)
When you choose to print invoices and multiple invoices are selected, in addition to checking to make sure that's your intention, if you are printing to a pdf file, then you have the option to print each invoice individually (e.g. you want to attach each invoice to a separate e-mail message) or to one contiguous file (e.g. the invoice recipient is the same).

VERSION 6.6  (Released: 3/13/2016)
Enhanced the e-mail option when multiple invoices are selected so that when it cycles through the invoices, a pause/prompt to process the next invoice is presented.
Improved the discussion and added some links for the option to print to pdf in the help system.

VERSION 6.5.0  (Released: 2/24/2016)
Removed the requirement to run the program with Admin rights. Thus, multiple employees with different Windows login credentials can access the same invoices.
Increased the size of the Help fonts.

VERSION 6.4.0  (Released: 2/19/2016)
Added the ability to store/select the salesperson from a drop down list.
Improved the sales tax calculation so that it first deducts any discounts given.
Updated copyright material and migrated from VB5 to VB6.

VERSION 6.3.0  (Released: 5/20/2014)
Added a convenient "Backup Data" option (found under the "File" pull-down menu).

VERSION 6.2.91  (Released: 9/1/2010)
Added the ability to view a short video about creating new invoices to the Help System.

VERSION 6.2.9  (Released: 12/7/2009)
Added the ability to create invoices that reflect all or partial refunds.

VERSION 6.2.8  (Released: 7/5/2009)
Fixed a bug in the search feature for customer names.

VERSION 6.2.7  (Released: 3/7/2011)
Enhanced some processes to run faster.

VERSION 6.2.4 (Released: 2/27/2009)
Improved the Profit Analysis routine so that it detects items with long product #'s assigned to them.

VERSION 6.2.3 (Released: 2/17/2009)
Improved the printing behavior during print preview so that if multiple invoices have been selected, all can be printed at once.

VERSION 6.2.2 (Released: 2/15/2009)
Improved the behavior of the program if you modify an existing invoice: the invoice just modified is highlighted in the list box.

VERSION 6.2.1 (Released: 2/14/2009)
Fixed a bug introduced in v6.1.1 where a place for a signature was not being printed if a credit card was selected for the Terms of Payment.

VERSION 6.2.0 (Released: 2/14/2009)
Added a sophisticated internal editor that allows you to more easily edit all aspects of the header.
Added an internal editor that allows you to easily edit data files (e.g. the "Customer List", "Product List", and "Terms of P77urchase") in "Full Edit Mode".

VERSION 6.1.1 (Released: 2/11/2009)
Improved the routine that e-mails invoices, as it was sometimes not working right on faster PC.s
Added the ability to the "Terms and Conditions" to wrap if the lines are particularly long (such as when the Terms and Conditions include a few sentences of wording).

VERSION 6.1.0  (Released: 1/20/2009)
Fixed a bug where the TOTAL was not computing correctly if all items on the invoice were marked as Tax Exempt.

VERSION 6.0.2  (Released: 1/12/2009)
Removed the "Terms of Purchase" from the top since it's also presented where the TOTAL is presented at the bottom of the invoice.

VERSION  (Released: 12/18/2008)
Modestly improved the look and feel of the Help System.

VERSION 6.0.1  (Released: 12/15/2008)
Fixed a small bug that occurs if you try to resize the Sales Journal window.

VERSION 6.0  (Released: 12/14/2008)
Made major enhancements to the on screen presentation, adding larger, more detailed icons.
Improved the Add/Modify notices when adding a new or modifying an existing invoice to make them more prominent.
Adjusted the main screen so that it appears better with screens set to a resolution higher than 800x600 pixels since that is more the norm.

VERSION 5.2.1  (Released: 11/27/2008)
Modified some of the graphics to enhance the presentation.

VERSION 5.2.0  (Released: 10/28/2008)
Added the ability to use the program on a network and share its data files.

VERSION 5.1.0  (Released: 8/13/2008)
Fixed a bug where the 3rd line of the address was not printing correctly.

VERSION 5.0.2  (Released: 8/30/2007)
Converted the Help System to HTML Help to ensure Windows Vista compatibility.

VERSION 5.0.1  (Released: 3/30/2007)
Fixed a minor bug so when a fax was e-mailed, the text did not automatically get posted to the message when using Firefox or Netscape as the e-mail client.

VERSION 5.0  (Released: 3/22/2007)
Added a feature where you can exclude one or more individual invoice items from being taxed (for example, labor, or items you rent to customers that may be exempt from Sales Tax in your local/state jurisdiction).
Significantly improved the output of invoices wherein the columns are right-justified for a crisper look.
Combined some of the address fields to make it easier to key in addresses and to make the program less reliant on any International formatting issues.
Improved the output of the sales journal: columns are lined up neater and right justified, page numbers are printed when the output exceeds a single page, and a "Total Entries" field shows how many entries are being shown.
Added even more logic routines to ensure the program is as friendly as possible when you make a mistake or do something out of the ordinary.


VERSION 4.5.0  (Released: 2/25/2007)
Added Windows Vista Compliance Features (e.g. the data files are stored under the "Application Data" folder rather than under the "Program Files" folder). The new version will detect if you already have data and relocate the files for you.

VERSION 4.4.8  (Released: 2/9/2007)
Enhanced the way the fields are highlighted when they first get the focus so that the NumLock key is not affected.

VERSION 4.4.7  (Released: 1/30/2007)
Added the ability to shrink/stretch some of the screens as desired and then have the program remember their size and positions the next time it is started.

VERSION 4.4.4  (Released: 11/17/2006)
Added some more friendly logic, such as prompts recommending you save a new invoice if you try to, for example, print an invoice being created before you have saved it.

VERSION 4.4.3  (Released: 11/16/2006)
Added the ability to delete multiple invoices at once.

VERSION 4.4.2  (Released: 11/15/2006)
Made some minor enhancements to the look of some of the screens and buttons.

VERSION 4.4.1  (Released: 09/26/2006)
Added a feature that enables one to print, preview, fax, and/or e-mail multiple invoices at once.

VERSION 4.4.0  (Released: 09/07/2006)
Added a feature where the program offers the option to check the web site for updates and automatically update the program to the latest version.

VERSION 4.3.6  (Released: 05/05/2006)
Fixed a bug that started since v4.3.x where the customer database would duplicate entries if the same customer was used for multiple invoices.

VERSION 4.3.5  (Released: 05/05/2006)
The "Discount" section is not shown (printed/faxed/e-mailed) if the value is zero.

VERSION 4.3.2  (Released: 03/10/2006)
Added the ability to use different terms to better accomodate regional settings. One may use either "Sales Tax", "VAT", or "GST" and either "Shipping" or "Carriage".

VERSION 4.3.1  (Released: 02/26/2006)
Added the ability to change the default currency used more easily using the setup screen.

VERSION 4.3  (Released: 01/21/2006)
Made it much easier to save/cancel changes to either a new or modified invoice. A text bar showing the status of an invoice being added or modified appears, as do "save" and "cancel" buttons.
Added the ability to have invoice numbers start at a value other than 10,000 (use the Settings screen).

VERSION 4.2.2  (Released: 12/06/2005)
Added a feature where the program will check if the version being evaluated is older than 30 days and offer the option to check for updates.

VERSION 4.2.1  (Released: 12/03/2005)
Fixed a bug (that "creeped up" in v4.2) where the invoice would sometimes not print in portrait mode.

VERSION 4.2  (Released: 11/28/2005)
Significantly enhanced the way the Snappy Invoice System interacts with Netscape and Mozilla Thunderbird E-mail clients. It now automatically fills in the text of the message and formats it to a fixed width font.

VERSION 4.1.4  (Released: 11/20/2005)
Fixed a minor bug where the month was not displaying correctly in the pop-up calendar (date functions for invoices themselves are fine).

VERSION 4.1.3  (Released: 10/29/2005)
Added the ability to modify the "Terms of Purchase" so that one may customize it to their own business needs.
Fixed a bug where the business city, state, zip was not displayed on copied and e-mailed invoices.

VERSION 4.1  (Released: 09/10/2005)
Enhanced the printout of invoices to more clearly show the TOTAL.
Fixed a bug where the printout would not line up correctly if a long product number was used.

VERSION 4.0  (Released: 08/15/2005)
Added the ability to store/print 15 invoice items per page (previous limit was 10).
Added the ability to track if an invoice has been paid or not.


VERSION 3.3  (Released: 08/23/2005)
Added a print preview feature.
Fixed a bug with the Profit Analysis function.

VERSION 3.2  (Released: 06/17/2005)
Added the ability to add graphics, fonts, color etc. to the invoice header.

VERSION 3.1.1  (Released: 07/04/2005)
Fixed a bug where, if no previous invoices have been created, the list of previous invoices does not try to load.
Added the ability to easily add several products, one after another, when adding new products.

VERSION 3.1  (Released: 06/30/2005)
Added the ability to conveniently view previous invoices in a list box on the main screen.
Added the ability to easily manage previous invoices (view, delete, edit).

VERSION 3.0  (Released: 05/22/2005)
Added the ability to send invoices via E-mail in one easy, convenient step!
Added a feature so you can copy an entire invoice to the clipboard.


VERSION 2.3  (Released: 05/08/2005)
Added the ability to select a printer other than the default printer before printing (which implies the ability to select a fax printer to enable you to fax an invoice directly to customers if you want).
Added the ability to override the computed tax on an individual invoice without changing the default tax rate.

VERSION 2.2.4  (Released: 04/25/2005)
Added a feature so that when a line item is deleted the totals automatically recalculate.

VERSION 2.2.3  (Released: 04/01/2005)
Fixed a bug with the Terms of Purchase not being printed correctly and/or causing an "Error-Printing 424-object required".

VERSION 2.2.2  (Released: 05/27/2005)
Fixed a bug with the Terms of Purchase not being saved correctly.

VERSION 2.2  (Released: 02/21/2005)
Several bugs have been fixed with the search wizard.
Enhanced the Profit Analysis screen.

Fixed a bug (that "creeped up" in v2.0), where line items with large values were not computing the total correctly.

A friendly menu system has been added. Functions can now be selected from either the pull-down menus or the friendly menu shown on the right of the main screen.
When a new invoice is being created, if it is the first one, the help system for Creating a New Invoice is automatically shown.
The help system has been further polished to make it succinct and as clear as possible.
The program recognizes if the default settings data has not been set up, and prompts new users to go ahead and take a moment to set some defaults.
Added the option to go to Full Edit Mode while viewing either the products list or the customer list.


The program recognizes if the default settings data has not been set up, and prompts new users to go ahead and take a moment to set some defaults.

Made the program recognize if an invoice has not been complete so that a user is prompted to continue with certain operations (such as printing or saving the invoice).


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